It takes everything. Then more.

^That’s what she said. 

This isn’t the typical post but I wouldn’t call it off topic. It’s part of the process..... Dear Dairy?

I have a very entrepreneurial spirit. For those of you that know me, I’m always working on a new business venture and nurturing the ones I have started. Some would say I’m split 10 ways. Maybe it’s ADHD, maybe it’s genius, maybe it’s madness, maybe it’s all of the above! I’m used to being overwhelmed and overworked, I truly feel most comfortable living in this space. The pressure is what drives me, I enjoy the challenge. i.e busier than I’ve ever been.... let’s add a blog to the mix!


Maybe the hardest undertaking of my adult life? I’m a handy guy, and can complete a honey-do list BUT I have no real experince in construction. I’m not doing most of the labor, yet it’s physically exhausting. Mentally- l would classify myself as stable before and now I’m having a breakdown on a daily basis. Hell yeah!

We’re also engaged and planning a wedding, I know this is not the “honeymoon” phase Aly wanted. But this personality is why she fell in love with me right? Girlllll did you ever think I was ever going to slow down?!?

This isn’t supposed to be a pity party. I made a conscious decision to do this without a GC. I’m cheap/ couldn’t afford to do it otherwise. I just want to point out this isn’t for everyone or at least go in with both eyes open. 

Life for the next few months is turning down invites to the sandbar for shopping tile/vanities/furniture. They’re both super fun!

Eat? Think and Breatheeeee this addition. 

We will make it through this. It’s only week 1 of work, we’re starting to figure this out. It will get easier. 

Saturday January 30,2021 1:32 PM: CHANGE ORDER. FML. $$$.

Looks like my Sunday will be spent in the attic and garage. 

This is a full time job. Be ready to commit everything you got. Dreams only come to those that take action. Grab life by the horns! <- Old ram commercial?

Get supportive friends. Get a hypeman. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page- talk/battle it out, any communication is better than no communication. 

Summary: GC’s deserve everything they charge. 


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