Week One Recap: Time to go topless

Arriving to see more demolition has not ceased to surprise us. I don’t know why it’s so mind blowing, you see on the plans they need to take everything out of the house and take down 3 out of 4 exterior walls. It’s there on paper, and you visualize it in your head.  But then when you see it WTFFFFF!!!! SHITS GETTIN REAL! 


Houses with just 4 walls are not impressive. They’re just weird. Makes you feel like you’ve been living in this weird old rustic warehouse for years. Everything that made it a home has been stripped away and you feel like a hipster walking into a downtown apartment you’re renting and paying with in bar tabs. Too harass? IDK Hipsters got some sweet beards that I can’t seem to ever grow- now my insult is balanced with a compliment. 
As they take apart the house piece by piece, first ripping away the plastered walls, then ceiling, then roof tile and tongue and groove 74 year old wood the HARD work is happening from the office. Making 300 calls a day trying to get subs lined up to keep up with the progress of the work crew. 
Subs needed immediately1. Septic2. Plumbing3. Electrical4. Windows
Let’s rock. 
1. SepticI sent out plans to 5 companies on January 19th. It’s Feb 1, they’ve had enough time to review. Let’s start calling them back and getting final bids. 
AAA Above Septic & Drain - these guys do my pump outs and have always shown great professionalism. Owner tells me he’s a little too busy and a little too old and really can’t take on the job. But call Chapman Septic. 
Chapman Septic- too busy call A Better Septic
A Better Septic - Angel... Oh yeah, I remember your email... I’ll get you a price. 
A Super Septic- Bryan Zero. He gives me a price on Jan 28, we then play phone tag for 3 days to hammer out details. He can start on time (ASAP) and he’s got a plan to work around the shell team. Only formal quote I have $9500 under budget which was $12k. No one else has responded in 10 days, responsiveness wins. He’s hired on Tuesday Feb 2. $3,167 deposit 
Feb 3- A Better Septic shows up with a price! $7500... fml. Too late homie. Day late. 
Now that we got the checks flowing for the week, let’s pull the trigger on the floors we picked at JD Home Design over the weekend. $2.85/sq. Aly approves, progress, accomplishment. $6,708. $10k spent by Tuesday. Fun. https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1mzCESNzm6sqmhdq67s4UtDTmzWAuqOhd
2. PlumbingStill crying about this one. I have one quote turned around to me in 1 day for $15k from Estrella Plumbing and another that took a week from Bob’s plumbing at $24,750 and they have the same scope of work. Wtf I need a few more to try and decipher what is happening here. 
3. ElectricalThis is a joke, a week in and I can’t get a quote. Is construction really doing that good that no one needs work? My shell guy says he’s got me covered but hasn’t given me a price...
4. Windows. Insert lessons from Marc Touze at Touze Engineering. Not my engineer on the job but just a friend. Learn about U-Factor and SHGC values. Bruhhhhhh. Can someone just tell me what windows I need?!? 
The guy I ordered windows from last year and spent $12k with only to rip them out 14 months later gives me a price at $16,200 installed for Mr. Glass. Love these windows but price seems a little steep. 
Derek Nier with Whale Roofing, my mentor through this process, gets me a quote of just materials without install for $ 5,349.86. Oh worddddd. We’re about to pull the trigger on this. Install shouldn’t be more than $4k. 
Thursday Feb 4, pass by the house to drop of $10k to CB my shell guy. Rafters have been removed. The house is TOPLESSSSS. It took my breath away. What have we done?!?!https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=14b-qSltxrDwvsMTX3DzaAIS1g8BLsHU7

Total for the week: $19,984.05Total for the project to date: $44,131.34
Goals by Monday:  Find sub for Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC. 
For those of you that read this far, if you have a recommendation drop it in the comments!!! We still have a long way to go!!!!


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