Permit FINALLY Issued!!!


I truly thought this process would be quicker- after all, I had drawn plans of what I wanted to scale on graph paper... how hard can it be?

Last flashback before we come to present date: 

June 2020- Height of COVID-19. I hear all construction has slowed/stopped and contractors are seeking work and bidding really competitively. Sounds like an opportunity, I just have to convince Aly that this is a smart play and the right thing to do a month after I proposed and a year before our wedding. No sweat, I'm a charming guy.

"No. You're crazy. How are we going to afford that?!?!" Strike one.

I start "shopping" architects because you really can't get an idea of what the project is going to cost without plans.

Architect #1: I forgot his name, but a nice elderly gentleman from Coral Gables, SUPER knowledgable. Proposal: $20k. Sorry dude, thats not gonna work.

Architect #2: Rohan Lugg. Comes to my house, looks at my beautiful plans I have on graph paper, "You're crazy, nobody is going to be able to build that. If you want me to draw that I need you to get X, Y, Z from the county." County is shut down, not answer calls, the world is at a standstill Covid 2020 ya'll. Never get a proposal

Architect #3: Blaine Roberts. Young guy who just flew the coup from a big firm. Lots of commercial experience and says he can get it done, buttttt has never designed residential in Miami-Dade and is unsure about a few things. Proposal:$13,218

Architect #4: Mark Reardon. Referred by one of my best friends who is using him as an architect on a house he is building in the keys, highly recommended. Tells me I'm crazy to think I can build what I want for my budget, but again, I need plans to get proposals- it's an investment I will eventually use. He says he's swamped with work and he needs to pass. I meet him at the sandbar 2 weeks later, he came on another mutual friends boat, we shoot the shit and start getting along, my friend convinces him to help me out and take on my project. Proposal: $10,200

I pick Mark. Not because he was the cheapest, but I thought we got along well at the sandbar and the biggest reason- he's got a great name!

July 10, 2020 I sign a contract with him and we get to work.

Questions. Layout. Revisions. Send to structural engineer. Send to MPE engineer. Revisions.

August-November: Shop all trades. Get rough estimate proposals. I CAN MAKE THE NUMBERS WORK, I WILL MAKE THE NUMBERS WORK. FULL STEAM AHEAD!!!!

December 7, 2020 plans and application are submitted to Miami-Dade County.

Revisions. Revisions. Revisions.

January 20, 2021. All plans approved. Pay impact fees. Submit change of General Contractor (originally submitted as an Owner's Permit). Contract signed with GC who is building the shell and truss package and doing demolition. Proposal: $81,000. Deposit: $8,100.

January 25, 2021. GC (Shell Razor's INC) must update insurance on file with county (which was emailed in on Jan 20th.

January 26, 2021. The social we have on record for the GC since 2007 does not match his social on the Florida license. 

January 27, 2021. GC calls county, sorts it out. Hold released on process #. Permit Fee paid. 


Total out of pocket to get to this point: $24,597.29

Demo work underway as I write this.


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