I've been radio silent for about 6 months now on this blog... I guess I'm not a very good blogger.... For the few that follow me on IG @markjelincic you've been kept informed but for the rest of you or those of you reading in the future and using this as a resource to start your own project, I will do my best to fill in a timeline of past events.

Feb 27, 2021- Fill brought in and we filled the crawlspace. Also built up the grade for the addition and new slab.

March 3, 2021- Forms for footers put in.

March 16, 2021- MY BIRTHDAY. My fiance did a BEAUTIFUL picnic on the sandpile! 

April 8, 2021- SLAB POUREDDDDD


My shell contractor tells me with this lumber and trucker crisis that the truss package is delayed. How delayed? EHHHH a couple weeks, max a month! So they're gonna pull off and work on another job and they'll come back to pour a tie beam when the trusses are closer to being done. Why not pout the tie beam first? IDK that's just how things went down.

June 24, 2021- OK so not exactly SEVERAL months but can you imagine what this feels like??? No answers from the Truss company on when the truss package will be ready. But CB don't take no shit so he says F- it, we're pouring a tie beam so we can really tell these Mother F-er's we're waiting on them. So that get's poured and I'm super excited about 10 ft walls because 10 ft ceilings are a big upgrade from my 8.5 ft ceilings we had before. Did I listen when everyone told me not to spend the extra $10k to do this? No. Should I have listened? Maybe. Do I regret it? NOT ONE BIT. Probs should've taken it up to 12 ft! WHY NOT?!?! THIS AIN'T SOME WACK BUILDERS QUALITY HOME, DIS BISCH CUSTOM YA HEARDDDDDD! But seriously this is my way of disguising my pain, focus on the wins and you'll forget about the loses. That month felt like eternity. Remember, we are still living in a hotel suite with 2 cats and Aly works from home! She's not a very pleased lady, precisely what she said she didn't want to be doing during our engagement. Yet I am the man with all the bad ideas and extremely stubborn so I fought my fight and bought her lots of wine and sushi :) Many promises were also made during this time and as of today I seem to be delivering (say a prayer for me).

--------------------------------------------- More tears, and sleepless nights-----------------------------------

Another month goes by......

July 12, 2021- HALLELUJAH!!!!! BETTER THAN CHRISTMAS MORNING!!!! After several weeks of "They'll be delivered this Thursday" THE TRUSSES ARRIVE!!!!!! TEARS OF JOY AND A SIGH OF RELIEF! IT'S GO TIME BABY!!!!!

July 13, 2021- Trusses get installed. In one day. Like a G. CB doesn't mess around! Crane time= Payin time

July 15, 2021- Sheeting done. BOOM. WE ARE COOKIN WITH GAS BABY!!!!

July 21, 2021-  WHALE ROOFING dries us in!!!! Framing crew goes to town! Framing and roof dry in done in 1 day!

July 22, 2021- JD from JD Home and Design, a good friend and loyal follower of the project on IG says "Hey bud, remember that tile you ordered from me in February and said it was for delivery in April.... time to get it out of the warehouse!" He was patient enough so I accept delivery... hehehe COOLEST PART- A FORKLIFT FITS IN MYYYYYY 9 FT TALL OPENING GARAGE

July 29, 2021- I was in LA from July 26-28, subs were supposed to work... they all were paid the week prior... they were no shows. Poppa is back in town and crackin whips ( idk if I should be saying that in todays world but not sure of a better term- drop a comment with an appropriate edit). Plumbers show up to do above ground drain rough. Not much to show here... we diverted from plan and despite my architect saying I could change to a tub anytime... Actually had to tell my plumber to fix the drain for a right side drain tub. Estrella plumbing was happy to oblige. Also, princess designer Aly demands a 2nd shower head in the master. Princess Aly gets what she wants.

August 2, 2021- Plumbers from Estrella Plumbing arrive to install supply lines (water lines), mechanical crew from X-treme AC shows up to start duct-work (thanks @ Michael Adrian for another great sub!) She's coming together and starting to look like a house!!!!!

August 3, 2021- Mechanical crew shows up to finish install. Plumbers work on supply lines. Meet with drywall sub recommended by Brooks Tragash, Ivan was awesome. Waiting on a quote. Fabio my stucco guy was a no show... he was paid $5k cash 2 weeks ago, starting to get worried. 

Tomorrow's plan- Windows pick-up and begin install. Get Fabio the stucco guy to do his job! Find tile installer. Find insulation guy. Hire drywall installer and finisher so they can start on Tuesday/Wednesday of next week. 

46 days until the wedding. Can I make it happen???

Total spent to date: $228, 823.95


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