Subs rough almost done

We also have what resembles a house!!!

August 5, 2021- It feels like a big threshold was just passed. All the windows and doors have been installed! Gas line installed. Bathtub set, worth the extra money for a deep soak tub. Shower pan set. Electrical continues. Plumbing inspection today. Window and gas inspection on Monday. Hoping for electrical inspection on Tuesday  

Next up we have Whale roofing coming today August 6th to seal off the roof and add the peel and stick. Need to work on finding an insulation installer for next week. Still trying to find a good price for drywall hanging and finishing. Meeting a tile installer at 8 am for a quote. Stucco is supposed to start today but Fabio keeps being a no show…Started shopping fencing but the Simtek fence that I was going to install from Home Depot along the neighbor property lines is now no longer carried… gotta chase this product down it seems. 

Hoping to start drywall in a week and painting the week after. Tile would be starting before the 30th if all goes well. If they finish the kitchen first hopefully we can get the kitchen in same week so we can order counter tops. Can we get it done by the wedding???? 42 days. 


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